Let's not focus on what to TAKE AWAY from your diet...

let's  focus on what to ADD!


It is time to skip the fad diets, cutting out food groups, food fears, and super restrictive dieting! 

My mission at ADD Nutrition is to help you achieve health and reach your goals without sacrificing your quality of life. Life is already complicated enough. Limiting food choices and following rigid meal plans is overwhelming.

My goal is to help you find a way of eating that aligns with your goals and keeps your health at the forefront. First, I start by helping people learn how to balance calories, macro-nutrients, and food choices.

Eventually, the goal is to move away from tracking food and focus on a more sustainable approach to eating. The end goal is to create a lifestyle and results that you can sustain the rest of your life.

- April Roby

   Registered Dietitian Nutritionist 


What's included?

One on One Coaching

  • Free Initial Zoom Call Consult

  • Customized Nutrition Program

  • Customized Training Program

  • Onboarding Course

  • Weekly Check-Ins and Adjustments

  • 24/7 Chat Access through Healthie App

  • Access to App to Track Metrics

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group Members-Only Group for 24/7 Support

  • Monthly One on One Coaching Calls

  • 1x / Weekly Educational Zoom calls with Add Nutrition Members


  • Lose Fat

  • Gain Weight

  • Feel Energized

  • Live a Healthier Life

  • Have a Healthy Relationship With Food

This is for those

seeking lasting changes 

whether the goal is to:



Image by Hüseyin

Best Nutrition Coach!

 April is the coach!! I have worked with other coaches in the past but once I found April, I found my fit. April has helped me learn that easy sustainable changes will set me up for lasting success. No extremes, just finding what fits for me. April is incredibly knowledgeable and continues to learn more so she can be the best for her clients. She is a great encourager and wants her clients to enjoy their lives while also learning how to be better for their own bodies to reach their own personal goals. Whether is it a certain physique or overall gut health, you will love working with April. She is a kind soul who thrives on watching her clients succeed! I have learned so much from April and will be forever grateful for what she has done for me.